SOMA Neuromuscular Integration®

SOMA Neuromuscular Integration is offered as an 11 session series or as stand- alone sessions.

Somassage® and Massage

Somassage is a deeply rejuvenating session with added benefits of structural integration for lasting results.

Intraoral/Intranasal Massage

This work is powerful and is used to support relief of TMJ, migraines, post-oral surgery, accident recovery and other patterns in the neck and head that lead to tension and pain.

Yoga Instruction

I offer over 15 years of yoga practice and experience, numerous trainings and research projects and the wisdom that grows out of deep observation and listening to assist clients with movement patterns and practices.

Check out this video for more information on Structural Integration

About Me

I am student of nature.

I am a life-long student of cross- cultural natural medicine I embody a grounded and cultivated relationship to energy and matter. My study of anatomy, physiology and kinesiology grew out of my experiences as a yogi, gardener and all around mover. I ground my academic learning with deep observation and listening, tuning in to the uniqueness of each individual. Read More...

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